May 2018: Volunteer of the Month

May's volunteer of the month is Emma Scotty. Emma is a graduating 4th year at the University of Chicago who majored in Environmental and Urban Studies and History. Emma is also the founding president of GGO's University of Chicago chapter and participated in GGO summer internship program. We asked her a few questions to highlight her hard work and dedication.

Q: What year are you in school? What is/was your major/minor? What school do/did you go to?

A: I am a 4th year at the University of Chicago. I majored in Environmental and Urban Studies and History.

Q: How long have you been volunteering with GGO? 

A: I have been working with GGO for about 10 months.

Q: What originally drew you to the organization?

A: I have always loved working with kids and I am also passionate about the environment and love being outdoors, so GGO seemed like the perfect combination for me.

Q: Do you have a favorite experience or memory of your time as a volunteer?

A: My favorite experience was taking our class on a camping trip and seeing the kids have so much fun and get more comfortable in the outdoors.

Q: Why do you like volunteering with GGO?

A:  I like seeing the students every week and being able to teach them about things that are so important for the next generation to know in a way that they can have fun and that sparks an interest in them.

Q: Do you have any advice for someone who is considering becoming a volunteer?

A: If you spend some time getting to know the students and let them get to know you in a fun way, teaching them will be much easier and more fun for everyone!

Q: What is something you are passionate about/love talking about?

A: I am passionate about cultivating urban green space and bringing elements of nature into cities. I wrote my thesis about Jackson Park, which is a hugely significant park in Chicago and a valuable natural space in our students' neighborhood.

Nadav Sprague