April 2018: Volunteer of the Month

The volunteer of the month for February is Jon Niewijk. Jon is a freshman economics major at Washington University in St. Louis. We asked him a few questions to highlight his dedication and hard work!

Q: How long have you been volunteering with GGO? 
A: I’ve been volunteering since the beginning of this school year (August 2017)

Q: What originally drew you to the organization?
A: I love the outdoors, working with kids, and volunteering, so GGO seemed like a great way to combine all those interests.

Q: Do you have a favorite experience or memory of your time as a volunteer?
A: Watching my students make an improvised rap about the water cycle.

Q: Why do you like volunteering with GGO?
A: The students are always excited to see us! It’s really cool to be able to expose them to information and experiences that they have never encountered before this program. The trips are also a great opportunity to get out into nature, whether that’s going to a cave or canoeing.

Q: What's your favorite vegetable? 
A: Kale

Q: What is something you are passionate about/love talking about?
A: I’m really interested in hip-hop beat making, and also just music in general. I’m an avid soccer and NBA fan. I’m also pretty interested in history and politics (but that’s boring).

Q: Do you have any advice for someone who is considering becoming a volunteer?
A: You’re going to have more laughs and fun than you think you will! The students are by far the best/most important part of the experience. They’ll probably have just as a big of an impact on you as you will on them.

Thank you, Jon, for all of your hard work!!

Nadav Sprague