GGO is Excited to Introduce Our

Curriculum Development Team:


Casey mcbride

Casey McBride has been at fifth grade teacher at Patrick Henry Downtown Academy for 2 years.

She love science and the great outdoors! When she was a child, her grandfather helped her develop a strong relationship with Mother Earth and taught her how important nature is.

She has done countless bird watches and river clean-ups. She believe that everyone should spend time outside and get to know our world so that we can better take care of it.

That is why she thinks GGO is an important program! She believes that GGO gives her students amazing opportunities to explore the outdoors and experience new things.

Thanks to GGO, her students have been overnight camping, canoeing, and hiking. In addition to gaining new experiences, they also learn how to work together and treat each other kindly.

She is excited to work as part of GGO’s curriculum development team to help develop fun and educational activities that intertwine with the school curriculum and amazing hands-on experiences GGO is able to provide!


Kayomi Williams

Kayomi Williams is a first grade teacher at Lafayette Preparatory Academy!

Kayomi is passionate about all things science! That is why she loves being a part of the GGO curriculum team! She believes that the GGO program is important as it allows for underserved students to learn about science while doing things that they have never done before. She loves how engaging and interactive the program is.

Kayomi loves the great outdoors because it allows her to reflect and gain inner peace.

She is so happy to be able to build lessons that students will enjoy and will make them want to learn more about important topics!


Erin Wicks

Erin Wicks is a chemistry teacher at KIPP high school!

She loves science as there is always something new to learn or discover! Erin loves the great outdoors as she is able to see science in real life. She also feels more connected to herself and the environment when engaging in outdoor activities.

Erin loves GGO because the program offers experiences to urban youth that otherwise would not be available. She has worked with GGO since 2016. She loves how GGO opens minds and sparks interest in environmental awareness.

Erin is excited about working on the curriculum development team as she will be able to help create a dynamic and engaging learning opportunities for students.